Hero’s Helping Hams (HHH)

Mark Goodrum W5MHG@outlook.com

Several years ago Don Wood W5FHA started the Hero's Club. He received donations from Silent Keys and other Amateur Radio Operators. They wanted their radio equipment to be used by students in schools around New Mexico. After the schools used the equipment they would return the radios back to the Club. Don has passed the torch on to me. The program will continue to allow Amateur Radio programs in schools to use equipment as long as needed. If the School radio program is discontinued the equipment will be returned. We have also expanded the program and renamed it to the Hero's Helping Hams Program or HHH. HHH will be available to new and old Amateur radios operators. New operators that may need a radio or a ham that may have a radio broken or in for repair may borrow equipment. In the spirit of the Amateur Radio, equipment can be borrowed and then returned. Anyone can donate equipment to HHH by contacting Mark Goodrum, W5MHG. I would like to thank Don for his dedication to this wonderful hobby and having the foresight to start the Hero's Club. The spirit of the Amateur Radio will continue through Hero's Helping Hams.

The donated equipment will be available to any school amateur radio club in the state. A licensed amateur will be needed as the custodian of the equipment. There are only three requirements to obtain this equipment:

The custodian of the equipment must be 18 years of age or older and a General Class licensee or better,

The club must be sanctioned by the school,

A member of the school staff must be the sponsor of the club. The school sponsor does not have to be a ham.

Hero's club contributors include:

Robert Fox, KA5VRV;

Christopher Aas, NB5T;

William L. Nohrn, N5UNB;

Raymond J. Caraveo, N5IZV;

Evan R. Newlon, WB5HAM;

Stuart Simon (Stu), K2QBU with a second donation;

Jess Wright, W5QDW (SK);

Don Wood, W5FHA;

Ray Hill, KB5SF;

Robbie Hill, KC5FT;

Dan Oppenheimer, WB6CRG (SK);

John Ryan, NO5LF;

Julianne P. King KD5EFT;

Larry Moore WB5IZW;

Judy Moore KA5CRK;

Ray Arvidson W5RAU (SK);

Robbie Arvidson N4CHK;

Roy Venaglia, KD5GBY;

Art Priebe, N5ART;

Ken Mazze, N5JUQ;

Kermit Goettsche, KB5HA;

Jim Koch, NH6YH;

Kathleen McCaughey, KG5PX


Amateur Radio Clubs Started in Schools

Thanks to the generosity of the above hams the following schools have received the necessary radio equipment from the Hero's Club to help form an amateur radio club and get students on the air.  The recent national emphasis on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Program has boosted interest in amateur radio as it is a natural, hands-on segue into the STEM Program.  The expectation is that as more schools learn about amateur radio and the Hero's Club, it will be busy helping other schools form ham radio clubs so please remember the Hero's Club when you are disposing of radio equipment. 

Charter school in Deming

Carlos Rey Elementary School Ham Radio Club

Charter school in Socorro

Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM

Bataan Military School in Albuquerque

Rio Rancho Advanced Computer School (aka "Cyber Academy")

West Mesa High School in Albuquerque

Valley High School in Albuquerque