Directory of Albuquerque-Area Businesses  

Selling Ham Radio Supplies / Services


Have you ever needed to buy a PL-259 connector or 3 feet of coax at the last minute to finish an antenna project?  While Albuquerque does not have major ham radio suppliers, it does have small businesses that offer limited radio supplies and/or services.  As a service to ham radio operators in the Albuquerque area the Amateur Radio Caravan Club offers a list of local businesses that offer ham radio supplies or services.  In the spirit of amateur radio, though, the Caravan Club wants it known that it receives no financial benefit from these businesses nor does it make any recommendations.  This list, in alphabetic order, is solely a public service to local hams.


Electronic Parts Company

2620 Rhode Island St NE (1 blk N. of Menaul)

Albuquerque, NM 87110

(505) 293-6161

Coax, connectors


Gloria Watts, KG5IFJ

Realtor – Associate Broker

Coldwell Banker Legacy

Phone: 505-236-9583 (cell)



Gloria and her husband are both hams.  Interested in helping other hams find homes where they can hang their antennas.


Hamville on Sandia Crest

Contact Bob Finch W9YA at 765-412-2374 or

Has building and tower space for rent on Sandia Crest (also large Faraday caged room available).  Low-cost rent: including trade-outs for labor and materials.


Ken Rindfleisch, KO5Y

10605 Ralph St. NE

Albuquerque, NM 87112

(505) 246-2265

Ken is retired from the electronics industry.  Now repairs radios and assists others in selling their ham equipment on E Bay.


Lambert Electronics

2917 Pennsylvania St. NE

Albuquerque, NM 87110   (just south of Candelaria Blvd)

Dick Lambert W5ZHI (owner) - Retired from Motorola service shop

(505) 884-3705

Ham radio repairs


Luke’s Ham Shack (Temporarily Closed)

Luke LaBrake, NM5DL (owner)

(505) 255-0759

[Luke is in the process of moving his shop (Lightning Automotive) to a new location and hopes to have space to reopen his ham radio store.]

Coax, connectors, ready-made cables, test meters, Chinese HT's, mobile installations.


Radio Shack

Various locations

Smaller coax sizes, some connectors, wire, project boxes and electronic components.


SETCOMM Communications, LLC

Bill Moore, Owner

(505) 506-9437 or

Authorized Icom dealer - sales, service & accessories.    Small business that primarily services the film industry but is working into the amateur radio field as well.   


Specialty Communications

201 Conchas Street SE (1 blk S of Central, 1 blk W of Eubank)

Albuquerque, NM 87123-3324

Paul Choc, WA5IHL (owner)

(505) 294-6100

Antennas, coax, connectors, mobile installations, repair services


Southwest Antennas & Accessories

PO Box 2583

Moriarity, NM 87035-2583

Darryl Clutter, NX5W (owner)

(505) 286-1672

Antennas, coax, connectors


The Old Radio Man

64 Riverview Road

Edgewood, NM 87015

"Doc" Fernandz,  K1GHT

(505) 225-5701

Radio/Amp Repair.  50+ Years Technical Experience.  Antique radios, ham radios, linear amplifiers, tower work.  Expert service.


Walker Electronic Supply Company

2615 Princeton Dr NE (between Candelaria & Menaul)

Albuquerque, NM 87107

(505) 883-2992,  ask for DavidKF5PDD

Coax, connectors, fuses, relays, test equipment, tool cases, and electronics components. Expanding into ham radio supplies.


Xtreme CB

9920 Avalon Rd NW (S. of I-40 on 98th St.)

Albuquerque, NM 87121

(505) 352-1303,  ask for John KD5PMY.

Carries Amphinol-brand connectors, Beldon RG-8X cables made to order, and maybe RG-58 cables if he has it in stock.  Does not sell cable by the foot. 



Many major truck stops carry limited CB supplies including Chinese-made PL-259 crimp-on connectors and pre-made RG-8X (“Mini-8”) cables of various lengths so in a pinch you might try them.


[Note: If you know of other local businesses providing ham radio supplies or services that wish to be added to this list, please contact .]