(As of 10/07/2017)

[Ed Ricco, N5LI, has taken on coordination of amateur radio public service events for many years.  For this and other services he provides to the amateur radio community, we are deeply indebted.]

These are community events that require radio communications along their routes for logistic support, scoring and first aid.  In the finest tradition of amateur radio, local amateurs have stepped up to provide this public service.  These events also serve as a way for each ham to test his or her radio equipment under emergency conditions...and to have some fun and fellowship.

Again this year, Ed is seeking help for the following events (and more).  For more information or to volunteer, please contact Ed Ricco, N5LI unless otherwise indicated in the description of the particular event.  Contact:

These are the events presently known to me.  There will be others; stay tuned.


Notes and comments: 

1.  Changes from last list: AddedDeadman Peaks UltraMarathon, November 4.  Info on this event came in after the October events list was sent out but cannot wait for the November list to be published at the end of this month.

2.  I have filled the essential positions for the Duke City Marathon on October 22.  Thanks, volunteers.

3.  Based on no-shows and some confusion in connection with recent events, it may be time to brush up on protocol.  If you volunteer for an event and get an acknowledgement from me or the event coordinator, you are on the volunteer list for that event and it is expected that you will be there to fulfill your assignment.  Please put the event on your calendar.  It takes time to recruit all the volunteers and develop a communications plan, but you will eventually hear from the event coordinator with an assignment and instructions.  That may not happen until shortly before the event, so please keep the event in mind and avoid scheduling over it.  Of course, the future cannot be predicted and things happen.  If it becomes impossible for you to keep a volunteer commitment, please try to give me or the event coordinator as much notice as possible so adjustments can be made.

73, Ed Ricco N5LI

October 22, 2017 – Duke City Marathon.  Albuquerque area amateurs have supported this event for more than 20 years.  As in recent past years, the marathon will follow an out-and-back course from downtown Albuquerque north along the bosque bike path to Paseo del Norte and east to a turnaround point near Edith Blvd.  A half marathon and 10K and 5K runs are included in the event, as well as several walks of varying distances.  We will need a substantial number of volunteers to cover rest stops along the course, to provide medical communications, and to shadow race officials as well as a few bicycle mobile stations and sag vehicles.


November 4, 2017 – Deadman Peaks UltraMarathon.  Info from Sandoval County ARES.  This event consists of 3 running events; a 53 mile UltraMarathon, a 26.5 mile Marathon, and an 18 mile run. The participants will run on the Continental Divide Trail southwest of Cuba, NM. Proceeds will benefit the Nacimiento Community Foundation in helping youths pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. Our role will be to provide logistical and safety communications along the course. We will track the last runners in each event as well as the sweep runners. Communications will primarily be on the SCARES Pajarito Peak UHF repeater (443.1 MHz, +, 100.0 tone). We may use simplex as well. A communications plan and event maps will be provided.  You can sign up to help with the event on the SCARES web site. The URL is: . Alternatively you can email directly to Ron Reder NM5AA,

SEARCH and RESCUE volunteers are needed!

Use your Ham Radio license and Communication Skills to provide Search and Rescue “Dispatch" capability from the comfort of your home.  Membership is open to any ham (Technician or higher) within 40 miles of Albuquerque. When activated, you'll be performing the following functions:

  • Calling out search teams
  • Coordinating resources responding to the mission
  • Relaying messages for SAR personnel
  • Monitoring the radio for emergency traffic
  • Gathering information vital to the mission         

You can operate from home and help save lives. 

Requirements: 2 meter / 440 base station capable of working local repeaters; telephone near the radio; Windows capable Computer with internet access; and Willingness to participate in a rotating on-call schedule. Contact: Terry Breitenfeldt Email: