Ongoing Activities

SCAT-Net - Every weekday morning, except holidays, 7 - 8 AM, we host Vern's SCAT Net on 145.33 MHz and 444.00 MHz. Vern Thackery, W5CSY (SK), ran the Senior Citizens and Travelers (SCAT) Net by himself for many years. This friendly net now operates with a different control operator each day except holidays. All hams are welcome to check in.

Caravan Club-Net - On Sunday evenings at 9 PM, the Caravan Club Net is on 145.33 MHz and 444.00 MHz for the purpose of holding club business, passing traffic, making announcements of interest to Hams and just getting to know each other. Please join us on the net. We welcome all licensed hams.

Membership Drive - The club has started a membership drive that reaches out to non-hams by handing out old QST, CQ and other radio magazines to others.  Our procedure is to cover existing mailing addresses with a new label that asks if the reader is interested in ham radio and directs them to our club's email address and website.  The magazines are placed in the waiting rooms of local doctors, dentists, barbers, etc.  A simple program that may pay dividends to amateur radio. 

ARRL Audio news is broadcast on Saturdays at 8:00 PM on the 145.33 and the 444.000 repeaters.

Amateur Radio Newsline is broadcast on Sundays at 8:10 PM on the 145.33 and 444.000 repeaters.  Please tune in and listen to what's going on in Amateur Radio. 


Miscellaneous Activities *

January, 2014 "Winterfest" - The Caravan Club hosted its annual "Winterfest" holiday party at the Cooperage restaurant in Albuquerque.  By our count, we had about 30 people attend - all enjoying a fabulous salad bar followed by anything off of the Cooperage's excellent menu.  Of course, the highlight of the evening was visiting with our old and new friends.  Rumor has it that even the elusive Roy KD5GBY, net controller of our Sunday night Caravan Club Net was in the house.


*  Most club activities have their own page under Activities where we provide more detailed information and photos.  This section enables us to provide information on club activities not covered elsewhere.