2016 - June - A Modest But Enjoyable Field Day Again This Year

The Amateur Radio Caravan in partnership with the Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club participated in the ARRL’s Field Day on Saturday, June 25th at Montgomery Park in Albuquerque. Always trying to learn from previous Field Days setups, we limited our stations to three: a 20 meter/GOTA station using a BuddiPole dipole antenna, a 40 meter unit using a MFJ telescopic vertical antenna, and a CW station using a homebrew vertical antenna. Unfortunately, propagation was pretty spotty so contacts were few. However, this was offset by about 35 people attending so most of us were in ragchewing mode most of the day. At 6 PM, the group shifted in potluck mode and enjoyed an impressive array of delicious choices brought by our hams. Yum!

Some highlights:

A Navajo family stopped by about 11 AM announcing that they are selling Navajo tacos and a soda for $8 down the street as a fundraiser so their granddaughter can travel to Fresno, CA with her drill team. This served as a delicious lunch for several of us and we found the taco to be filling and delicious.

We had a ham couple stop by. They were from Rolla, Missouri traveling to California and found our Field Day activity on the ARRL website by searching for “field day activities along I-40”. We chatted for awhile; they tasted their first ever Navajo taco, and then headed back to I-40W.

We had a young man interested in getting into amateur radio after hearing us on his scanner. He was at a loss on how to get his license so we quickly gave him our club membership application and the names of several online sources that should get him started.

Terry W7RNF from Mesa, AZ, stopped by. His wife was in town for a business conference and he had no interest in being stuck in that conference so brought his rig over to Montgomery Park to join us and to get on the air. Please to meet you, Terry!

Teenagers Emily KG5NZO and Mitchell KG5NZN dropped by, with their grandfather, to get on the air. Both were new hams: Emily just received her General license the day before Field Day and Mitchell his Technician license about 3 weeks before. Don W5FHA set the teens at his radio for most of the afternoon as their grandfather coached them. It was rewarding to see them lose their “mike freight” as the afternoon progressed.




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