Rules Governing Use of Amateur Radio Caravan Club Repeaters

All FCC regulations will be followed, including:

  • All licensed operators are encouraged to use the repeaters.
  • Operators will yield to emergency communications.
  • ID with your complete call sign every 10 minutes and your final transmission must include your complete call sign.
  • No political comments or discussion.
  • No profanity of any type.
  • No music during transmissions. Please turn your car radio down.

Amateur Radio Caravan Club rules:

  • During all QSOs, leave a 3-second space after the courtesy tone so that others may break in for emergency use or to make a contact.
  • During extended QSOs, you are encouraged to yield to others needing the frequency. Periodically pause and inquire if any others need to use the repeater.
  • There is currently no maximum time limit if this rule is followed.
  • Avoid a stuck microphone. Place your mic where it is secure from accidental transmission.
  • No kerchunking allowed. Always announce yourself as testing, with your call sign. Otherwise, we might think there is something wrong with the repeater.