(As of 4/25/2019)

[Ed Ricco, N5LI, has taken on coordination of amateur radio public service events for many years.  For this and other services he provides to the amateur radio community, we are deeply indebted.]

These are community events that require radio communications along their routes for logistic support, scoring and first aid.  In the finest tradition of amateur radio, local amateurs have stepped up to provide this public service.  These events also serve as a way for each ham to test his or her radio equipment under emergency conditions...and to have some fun and fellowship.

Again this year, Ed is seeking help for the following events (and more).  For more information or to volunteer, please contact Ed Ricco, N5LI unless otherwise indicated in the description of the particular event.  Contact:

These are the events presently known to me.  There will be others; stay tuned.


Notes and comments:  

  1. Changes from last list: Imminent events deleted.

2.   More help is needed for the Santa Fe Century on May 19.  This is a very large event with complex logistical issues and important safety needs that are handled by amateur radio volunteer communicators.  Please assist if you possibly can.


May 5, 2019 – Run for the Zoo.  This large (thousands of participants – serious runners, families, and kids) run/walk event has been supported by Albuquerque area radio amateurs for many years.  There will be competitive (timed) half marathon, 10K, and 5K races, a 5K fun run/walk, and a one-mile fun run/walk, all occurring around the zoo, Tingley Beach, and the old Albuquerque Country Club area.  Communications support from radio amateurs is essential to running this event safely and efficiently.  Hams report lead and last runner locations, logistics needs, medical and safety issues, and required emergency responses.  We are the eyes and ears of race officials on the course.  We will need handheld or portable/mobile stations to operate from fixed locations along the course, and possibly a bicycle mobile or two.  Although this event is large, for the most part it is relatively low-key and is a good way for less experienced hams interested in public service communications to get their feet wet.  Experienced volunteers are also welcome.  This event is being coordinated by Bob Longoria N5JH.  It is reported to be fully staffed.


May 19, 2019 – Santa Fe Century.  This is mainly a casual 100-mile bike ride that begins in Santa Fe, heads south through Madrid, Golden, and Cedar Grove, then goes east to Stanley, north through Galisteo and El Dorado, and back to the starting point.  There are also timed 100- and 50-mile events as well as shorter rides included in the routes.  It is a large-scale event with complex logistics that puts thousands of riders on the road.  We need minimally 20-W portable or mobile stations with external antennas to be positioned at the start/finish area and at rest stops and mobile stations to cruise the course to keep an eye on the riders. This event is being coordinated by Richard St. John K5RSJ. 


May 25, 2019 – Jemez Mountain Trail Run.  We are looking for operators to support the 2019 Jemez Mountain Trail Runs. This year’s event will be on Saturday, May 25, 2019, lasting the full day.  Note that this is Memorial Day weekend.  Some of you may have conflicts, so please check your calendars and definitely sign up if you’re on the fence about this. We need to make up for those that will be occupied with Memorial Day activities.  If you have a specific station you’d like to work, please let me know as early as you can so I can avoid over-booking stations. This year’s stations are shown on the 2018 course map. Note that the courses will be the same as last year, so last year’s maps work. The Pajarito Mountain repeater is online this year, so we’ll be using it and the Los Alamos townsite repeater, with Tesuque and St. Vincent’s as backups.  Thanks for participating, and I look forward to seeing you there!  For further info or to volunteer: John Zoltai KF5REI, 


August 4, 2019 –  La Luz Trail Run.  Amateurs provide communications support for this annual race up La Luz Trail from positions in the starting area, at the finish, and from trail-side points along the course.  This event will be coordinated by Ralph Meyerhein W5EEI.  Volunteers may contact Ralph directly ( or may contact me and I will pass the volunteer information on to him.


August 24-25, 2019 – MS 150 Bike Ride. 


October 20, 2019 – Duke City Marathon. 


73, Ed Ricco N5LI

SEARCH and RESCUE volunteers are needed!

Use your Ham Radio license and Communication Skills to provide Search and Rescue “Dispatch" capability from the comfort of your home.  Membership is open to any ham (Technician or higher) within 40 miles of Albuquerque. When activated, you'll be performing the following functions:

  • Calling out search teams

  • Coordinating resources responding to the mission

  • Relaying messages for SAR personnel

  • Monitoring the radio for emergency traffic

  • Gathering information vital to the mission

You can operate from home and help save lives. 

Requirements: 2 meter / 440 base station capable of working local repeaters; telephone near the radio; Windows capable Computer with internet access; and Willingness to participate in a rotating on-call schedule. Contact: Terry Breitenfeldt Email: